Ballerific Fashion: Denim Skirts Are the Latest "It Girl" Trend

Ballerific Fashion: Denim Skirts Are the Latest “It Girl” Trend

We knew denim was here to stay, but not denim skirts like back in the day.

The difference between denim skirts in the 90s and now is that there are multiple ways to style them, in addition to the various length options– from mini to maxi and in between.

Maxi Skirt

Viatabuna Long Denim Skirt: $32.99

A current style we’re currently seeing is long maxi denim skirts that are sturdy in fabric.

High Slit

Large Pocket Skirt: $58.00
Midi Denim Skirt: $59.99

Another trend includes the high slit on a denim skirt to wear with long boots on ankle boots. The goal is to show the body either way–as Megan Thee Stallion says.

Deconstructed Skirt

Joriou Sexy Mini Skirt: $25.99

And the trend we all want to participate in is the fully deconstructed denim skirt. The deconstructed skirt works with high-knee boots, bratz-like heels, and anything.

What we love about denim skirts this time is the versatility in styles, from tops to bodysuits to boots and heels. The denim skirts are here to stay now.

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