BALLERIFIC GOSSIP – Columbus Short….Say It Aint So!!!!! – written by OfficialGroupie

Hey yall,

Hope yall had a fabulous 4th! Mine was fab! I went out to First Friday. And let me say that it was a hot ghetto mess (
although it was advertised as upscale). I figured it was gonna be a mess but Columbus Short was gonna be there and I love eye candy:) I arrive. Do a walk around and notices that he’s in the VIP area.

I’m chillin with the crew. I then see one of my homeboys in the VIP area next to where Columbus is chillin. So I walk over to say hi (and to be nosy) and I see Columbus Short short ass surrounded by a group of ghetto chicks. #fail. I didn’t wanna jump to any conclusions cause they might actually just be “fans”.

So about 30 minutes later, the DJ is doing his thing and says…
Where are all my freaks at? I need all my freaks to come to the dance floor! Columbus Short is gonna give $100 of his own money to the biggest freak! #wheretheydothatat

So they attempt to have a “dance off”….for $100… #O_o #chileplease

Just wow. Really Columbus? I didn’t think you were that tacky. But anyways…some hood chick won.

I’m doing my thing. Drinking and mingling! So I head over to VIP again to fraternize with my homeboys. As previously stated, they are in the VIP section right next to Mr. Short. The groupies in the area are looking so thirsty. It’s freaking hilarious!! Poor thangs.

……Later, I head to the restroom and some chick has a pissed off look on her face. Being the friendly person that I am, I ask what’s wrong. She says she’s mad. I’m like, why…what happened? She explains that she wanted to chill with Columbus Short in the VIP area but he told her that the only people in his area are those that are
sucking and fucking!!!!!!!!


*mouth drops wiiiide open*

*(in Katt Williams’ voice) what?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?*

She continues to say that she said fuck that. She’s a fan and just wanted to interact with him.

Wooow! Really Columbus? I thought you were different….

So if Columbus Short is reading this, please come to Baller Alert and explain your actions!!

Say it aint so!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, at the end of the night, he left with the ghetto chicks that were in his VIP area. #smh #disappointed #youhadpotentialuntil #evenifyoureinabenzyourestillaniggainacoupe

Disclaimer #1: This proves that you don’t have to be the baddest bitch to land a baller. Raggedy hoes can get love too!! To my all raggedy bitches, there’s hope for you!! Keep hope alive!!

Disclaimer #2: The “alleged” statement made by Mr. Short was said to the raggedy bitch in the restroom….not me. Don’t shoot the messenger! (Or sue me!)

Disclaimer #3: The above stated occurrences were mere observations…..(I couldn’t even make this shit up if I wanted too!)

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