Ballerific Health: 10 Tips to Help You Stick To Your 2015 Fitness Goals

So another year has gone by and your still stuck in the same body you were in the year before. Maybe you lost some weight by chance or you gained the 20 pounds you wanted to lose and then some. Either way you want this year to be different. Well it can be if you do a couple things differently this time around.
1. Visualize It
It’s all about visualization. Isn’t that the secret? Just like you do with Vision Boards, visualizing your self thinner helps too. When your brain is unconsciously drawn to a goal, you do things in your subconscious that help you move towards that goal.  So start visualizing that two piece or that dress you bought thats a couple sizes to small, whatever helps you see yourself making progress. Even try taping a picture of your goal body to the refrigerator so that you can make smarter choices when you go to open that door. 
2. Get Moving
Working out isn’t all about just going to the gym. You can get just as an effective workout from working out from the privacy of your own home, especially if your a beginner or not comfortable working out with others. If this is the case for you, a gym membership will be pointless and an added waste of money, because you either won’t go or won’t break a sweat when you get there for fear of being seen. Try getting a DVD program and sticking to it or get out your computer, iPad, or smart phone and YouTube some workouts. They all work if you stick with them. Start with 10 minute workouts then work your way up to 30 minutes then to an hour.
3. Be Inspired
While Instagram sometimes has its drawbacks, it definitely doesn’t lack for those looking to be inspired by others weight loss journey’s. Searching hashtags like #trainandtransform #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation and you’ll find thousands of others going through the same ups and downs, set backs, and challenges. You will be surprised how motivated you can be from seeing someone else’s transformation, especially if they’ve lost way more weight than you have to lose or have lost around the same number your looking to accomplish.  
4. Make Small Changes
Everybody wants to go cold turkey when it comes to weight loss but that always isn’t the best route especially if Debbie snacks and fried chicken haunt you at night. Make small changes that are a lot easier and won’t frustrate you into old habits. One minor but big change can be swapping out the pop for water.  Then maybe going for grilled food instead of fried.  Even adding more vegetables to your plate can do wonders because EVERYTHING counts when it comes to weight loss.
5. Get a Buddy
Weight loss is hard enough by yourself but it can be a lot easier with a buddy. Feel free to challenge and encourage each other because often times if your feeling down they are too. Their progress can motivate you as well. Plus its a lot more fun when you have a buddy to share the ups and the down with. The added bonus is the stunting you two can do together, once you’ve made it through your transformations! 
6. Hold Yourself Accountable 
Whether it’s by posting workouts on Instagram or checking off days on the calendar, find a way to hold yourself accountable for your journey. If your not comfortable posting on your personal Instagram, create a non personal one just to post your progress and join the Instagram weight loss community. You’ll find a stranger from a 1000 miles away can be a a lot more encouraging then your friend you’ve known for years. As sad as it is to admit, not everybody wants to see you change. You will be surprised by the kind of responses you will start to get as your body changes. That’s why it is so important to know what you want to look like and go for your goals no matter what others say.
7. Take Pictures
The scale is evil. No, really it is. With weight loss sometimes it doesn’t always show on the scale but pictures don’t lie. This definitely holds true if your doing some weight training since muscles weight the same as fat but take up less room in the body. I even know of cases where people are the same weight but have changed drastically in pant and shirt sizes.  So start filling up those 128g Iphones and don’t be afraid to do the side by side. Small progress is still progress.
8. Don’t be Cheap
People kill me how they say eating healthy is expensive, but so is being sick, and so is buying those outfits you’ll never be comfortable enough to wear because your hanging on to that extra 20-40 pounds. I’ve seen post on Instagram that say “Don’t be that girl with the $3000 bag without $3000 to go in it.” Well in this case, don’t be that girl hiding behind that $3,000 bag in pictures. That angle you got and added the filter to for Instagram is probably on somebody else’s phone or camera with a different angle and no filter. Yea, picture that. 
9. Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Mess Up
Slips and bad days happen. Once you understand that the better off you’ll be. Don’t wait till the next day to eat right, instead start with the next meal. And whatever you do don’t wait till Monday to start.  That in itself is the worst because those other 2-6 days you wait around can put you further away from your goal. 
10. Set Realistic Goals
You can’t spot reduce, which means you can’t just lose your stomach.  Your body chooses how and where it loses the weight. You also can’t workout for 3 weeks and expect to go from a 12 to an 8 for that trip to Jamaica. It takes 21 days to form a habit and a good 90 days to see big results. Some may see them sooner but this is generally the amount of time it takes. So, START NOW and STICK WITH IT! 
Good Luck on Your 2015 Goals! Be sure to check back with us throughout the year for more fitness tips and motivation! 

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