Ballerific Health: Fitness After A Baby is Possible

For @_Winter_Storm sticking with her journey was more than just about herself but also about her daughter. 

When I became pregnant I gained a ton of weight. 70lbs to be exact. The day I went into labor I weighed 250lbs. After having my daughter, I lost the weight but due to other issues I gained most of it back. I was 200lbs for a year and a half and I was extremely unhappy with myself because I had let myself go.

Family members made comments. Enemies. And it all hurt very deeply, but they were not the reason for my change. I was. My daughter was. I needed this improvement for me. So I went to WebMD plugged my weight and height in and started a calorie based diet that I did not cheat on. I worked out 6 times a week, twice a week (straight cardio) and I lost 50lbs! I was ecstatic but I lost too much lol so I put a little more back on to even myself out and now fitness is my life. It’s my peace of mind.

I always tell people self motivation is the best. Do it because you want it, not because others do… Once you find that inside of you, you can conquer your goals! But eat healthy and don’t cheat yourself. You can’t out train a bad diet. 

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