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We are told from birth how crucial exercise is: from family, school, doctors etc. we’ve been taught its importance. However, much like other people in the same denial, I at some point disregarded everything I learned and decided exercise didn’t pertain to me. I figured it was only for people who were majorly overweight or for athletes, but surely not I. Therefore, I ignored all the signs and continued to avoid the gym until I had managed to gain twenty pounds, and acquired some real nice thigh cellulite. As a result, I bring to you all the signs I ignored pre cellulite, in hopes of sparing you the same embarrassment:


Bad Sex

Can you never find the energy for sex? Are you embarrassed to be seen naked? Exercise can definitely help with that: Studies have shown that exercise can not only increase sexual arousal, but also decrease men’s chance of getting erectile dysfunction. If that’s not reason enough, exercise has also been proven to boost confidence, giving you the assurance you need to take control and let go of your fears in the bedroom.


Always Tired

If the only thing that gets you going is to overdose on caffeine throughout the day, or you find yourself lacking the energy to do anything active, including the simple things like getting out of the bed, or walking up the stairs, it’s definitely time to start working out. Exercise has been scientifically proven to not only fight fatigue, but also boost energy. It doesn’t require a full blown high interval training workout either, so no excuses. Anything that increases your heart rate for at least thirty minutes at a time: run, walk, Zumba. Etc.,will do the job.


Low Self Esteem

If you find yourself on Instagram, staring at your IG inspiration for hours, wishing to look like something else, or find that you’re never satisfied with the way you look, it’s time to get active. That six pack, firm booty, and sculpted back, is definitely not impossible, but wont be achieved sitting on the couch stalking and sulking. Figure out what you wish to change, and stop wasting time; get to a gym, or park and start working on becoming someone else’s IG inspiration.  


Can’t Fit Anything

Fellas, you know that Polo button up that’s awfully tight around your neck? Ladies, remember that black dress that you used to be able to breathe in, but can’t anymore? If you find that a lot of your clothes are getting uncomfortable, or flat out not fitting, that’s an obvious sign that you should start exercising (unless its bulking season for you). If your jeans don’t fit, focus on slimming down your waist and lower body, if your arms are too tight in your work shirts, create an arm day routine that will burn calories, and bring your sexy back.


Health Issues

A lot of health issues can be avoided with proper exercise and dieting. I personally got diagnosed with high cholesterol at 19, and was told that I was guaranteed to have a heart attack by 25 if I didn’t change something. The doctor gave me two options: work out or be dependent on medication. After hearing the side effects of the medication, I decided working out was the best option. Four years later after implementing a workout plan, and proper diet, I don’t have high cholesterol, and don’t have to worry about having a heart attack before the age of 30. Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, and Cancer are just some of the other diseases that can be prevented with proper exercise.


If any of these signs are plaguing you, I challenge you to come up with an exercise plan to eliminate it, whether it be bad sex, low energy, low self esteem, tight clothes or health issues. Finding a simple exercise plan should be easy with a quick internet search, again, a simple thirty minute workout a day will suffice.



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