Ballerific Health – How Not To Get Fat While Being A Party Girl the Taz’s Angels Way

It happens. . You pop bottles with the ballers, you eat expensive dinners and you are YOLOing like crazy…….A year later you are twenty pounds heavier. You didn’t notice when it was happening because your wardrobe consists of spandex clothes but now you are chunky boots!

F*ck the Kanye workout plan, Taz’s Angels has triumphed that. If you are not familiar with Taz’s Angels they are based out of Miami. They get paid to look cute and party….but they are serious about their health and fitness. They have an Instagram @tazsangelsbootcamp where they share health and fitness tips. 

It must be working! Check them out:

It helps to follow health and fitness instagram pages for inspiration. Sometimes when I’m chilling scrolling through Instagram I see people working out, and it makes me get up, get out and do something!

We will be featuring more Health Instagram pages.

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