Ballerific Health: I Was in Extreme Denial and Thought No One Could Tell How Big I Really Was

For, coming to terms with the fact that she needed to lose weight hurt her but it also saved her life. Here is her story. 

“I reached my absolute bottom when I was told I had to purchase two airline tickets on a flight back home. I was scared, ashamed, and completely broken. I was in extreme denial and thought no one could tell how big I really was. I decided to drastically change my eating by cutting alcohol, refined sugars, processed foods, and eating out. The first 90 days was the most rough, and most people would not be willing to take such drastic changes…But I was literally killing myself being that I was almost 400 pounds!!! As I witnessed the scale changing, I was determined to keep going! 140 pounds down from my top weight and here I am! On a day to day journey to be the best me I can be, still striving for progress not perfection! Training for a swimsuit/bikini, as I saw on a very motivational Instagram post.”

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