Ballerific Health: Life After Depression

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia @EstelleArcher grew up overweight. It was the ultimate precedent for her starting her weight loss journey. In 2013 Dawn resigned as a graphic designer after depression left her lifeless. For one year she fought to get her life back and went from a size sixteen to a size six naturally by eating healthy whole foods and exercising.

During that year she moved home and slept on family member’s couches while she started putting her learnings to work. She began teaching a sweat class in a parking lot seven nights a week. Her classes quickly grew from five close friends and family to over 30 men, women, teens, and kids each night. While she was gaining attention through social media she set a goal to teach in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Mexico in one year. She put all of her things she couldn’t sell in storage, sold her car, and said goodbye to her dog who moved in with her parents.

She then took a one-way flight to California and used her own savings to start the self-funded #sweattour2014 with a different city set for each weekend of the year. To date she has driven and taught her class in seventy-four cities since January 13th of 2014. Her only purpose of the tour was to meet one person in each state and give them the hope to not give up and change their life. With only three stops left, she is proving there is life after depression.

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