Ballerific Health: Pole Dancing Her Way to Her Dream Body

My name is Ashley @_Jane_Doe___, I’m 26 years old and my highest weight  was 287 in 2013. I had high blood pressure, and suffered headaches as a result of that. Its crazy because I didn’t even realize I was so overweight. I was so used to buying tight fitted/too small clothes anyway.  I ate out a lot, ate alot of fried foods and salty foods. I hate the gym, I find it very intimidating, although i tried going to a couple on several different occasions.  It was to overwhelming  so I gave that up quick. I wanted to lose weight but in a fun way where it wouldn’t seem like a chore or something  bad. So I saw some pole dancers and I figured I would give it a try considering i heard you burn a lot of calories doing that.  

So I bought my 1st pole which was a cheap one, destroyed my ceiling and nearly killed myself. Later I invested in a more secure professional pole and watched a lot of youtube  tutorials to learn new things and increase my strength. And its been an up hill battle ever since. I love it, its fun, sexy, and its cardio and weight lifting all in one. It makes me eager to start my next workout. Also i changed my eating habits drastically. I cut out all fried foods, I started off eating little to no carbs, I eat alot of natural protein such as fish and egg whites. I only drink water. I cut out all sugar for a while, except in my peanut butter. I eat alot of natural peanut butter which is a natural appetite suppressant,  and it helps speed your metabolism along with lemon water. I add cayenne pepper to alot of my foods  which  retards your fat cells and helps break down fat quicker. 
I workout  5 days a week on a good week, and 4 days a week on a bad week. The pole is my only  workout. After changing my eating habits it seems like I immediately started losing weight. I started taking pictures of my monthly progress and noticed amaxing results. I became fascinated  watching my body change and seeing muscles form in places I never knew they could. I have managed to lose 76 pounds and counting. I am a work in progress but through hard work and dedication I will get there. 

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