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We all came to life by way of SEX. Being attractive and in shape to get the attention of a potential mate is the goal. So working out the right muscles to tone and burning fat is what we should be doing to reach that goal. By doing so will improve the SEX life. So I’m about to give you some HOT, DIRTY, NAUGHTY reasons to make you want to Shed for the Bed……

5) Polypeptides/ Endorphins
This is a substance that’s produced by the brain and acts as a painkiller so when released you feel better. Exercising on a regular produces these endorphins which give 2 assets:
1- you begin to lose weight and learn to enjoy physical activity.
2- you begin to look better and feel better about yourself.

4) The Sex Hormone
So we have this hormone that binds with testosterone (sex hormone) that’s called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. The more fat you have, means the more SHBG you will have, which means the less SEX you will be having because it will go towards the testosterone. So if you go out and get UR Fitness back, you will lose weight and use the testosterone for SEX.

3) Better Sexual Performance
Getting UR Fitness back and exercising on a regular will lead to better sexual performance. Just losing 10lbs will give you more energy and stamina in the bedroom to enjoy SEX. You will be amazed on how your performance improves and I know we are not arguing with that.

2) Sexual Cardio
Let me start off by saying this is a win-win situation. We all know that the speeding up of the heart rate helps lose weight, so getting aroused and excited about SEX is doing the same thing. A 30minute session in the bedroom, shower, dinner table, pool, back seat of the jeep (lol) will burn a minimum of 150 calories. That’s not much, but it will be the best 150 calorie burn ever.

1) Horny Appetite
No exercise makes for boring to NO SEX. So go out get UR Fitness on and bring sexy back. Doing physical activity brings blood flow to the right places that make you aroused easily, more lubrication, and better orgasms. Even eating better foods make your sex better. So remember the more you work towards losing weight, the happier you will be and more chances of having a great SEX life.

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