Ballerific Kicks: Russell Westbrook’s “Why Not?” Zer0.2 ‘The Family’ And ‘Super Soaker’ Editions

OKC basketball star Russell Westbrook’s new Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.2 sneakers are already hot out of the stores. Both ”The Family” and the “Super Soaker” editions combine mixed-materials, unique colorways and custom features that both adults and kids will love to rock.

The “Why Not?” Zer0.2 ‘The Family’ edition comes in black and white with gold accents on the sole, while the ‘Super Soaker’ edition features the nostalgic green and orange colorway, resembling the greatest toy of the ’90s, the Super Soaker (hence the name). The shoes are even packaged just like the Super Soaker water gun.

Which ones are you copping?

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