Ballerific Lifestyle – Gold Digging 101–Part I

So I just finished watching Dr. Phil (I recorded it from earlier today). The topic was gold digging. I figured it would be interesting to see gold diggers in action and discussing why they do what they do. Well, here is the synopsis…

Baje, a 24 year old self proclaimed gold digger, states that since all men want is sex, then she should get something from them in exchange. There is also Michelle, her sidekick. (She is a hot mess so there is no need to discuss her.) Baje claims that she does not have sex with these men for money. She receives trips, a down payment for her home, money, watches, designer bags and sunglasses to name a few. So you may ask yourself, “How does she receive these things?” Well,

1. Create a wish list. Yes, she said to have a wish list. She states that men have been using women for years so before she gets used, she will get things that are on her “wish list”. Baje suggests that women should have a wish list as well as goals. One should have long term and short term goals. Then, whenever they meet a man, he should buy one or more of the items on her wish list. Buying items on the wish list is a top priority. These items are purchased before sex is given, if given at all.

2. Have a gold digging kit. Baje has a gold digging kit, which includes lip gloss, a diamond tester, and a counterfeit detector pen. (There were other items but they were not discussed.)

3. Go out by yourself. She goes out by herself. She states that men flock to her since she is by herself. She also frequents places where men with money would be (i.e. art galleries, charity events, auctions)

4. Go to the bar. Baje states that once you’re out at the club, go directly to the bar. Men will instantly buy you a drink.

5. Dress to kill. She states that one should dress provocatively and sexy or wear things that will draw attention from men with money.

6. Desire Mr. Right Now. Baje strongly advocates not to look for love. Don’t desire a relationship, want to fall in love, or be ready to settle down.

7. Bait and Switch. Baje deceives men by allowing them to think they will ultimately get the kitty. However, once she gets what she wants, then she is out.

I’m not sure how well these tips work. However, if you ladies try them, please let the gold diggers in training know! By the way, she has a book…A Gold Diggers Guide by Baje Fletcher.

Dr. Phil also has Dwight “sexual chocolate” Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts on the show to give his two cents. I shouldn’t say two cents because he did sign a $76 million contract. Anyways, he added that he as well as other rich men are fully aware of gold diggers because their financial information is public access. He also stated that many good women get overlooked because they have to be on guard against the gold diggers. Mr. Dwight “sexual chocolate” Freeney also gives women a test…..a test of time and asks trick questions to see how a woman responds. He waits for signs to show. Moreover, he said that he doesn’t give gifts within the first 2-3 months. He added that it depended on the relationship, but most likely it aint gonna happen.

Reactions to the show?

I’m gonna do a four part series. So I’ll post another blog tomorrow: 20+ Dating Tips for Gold Diggers

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