Ballerific Music: Chris Matic Aims To Raise The Bar For “Greatness” Under The Legacy of The Notorious B.I.G.

Chris Matic feels “honored and inspired” to be on a label with “such legendary greatness” that’s connected to the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The Jamaican-born rapper, singer, and songwriter (born Christopher Orlando McClymont) is the debut artist for I.B. (Invisible Bully) Music, which is founded by music industry veteran and B.I.G.’s close friend, Damion “D Roc” Butler.

Since relocating to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 12, Matic instantly became enamored with the city’s fresh, gritty style of hip-hop culture. The 25-year-old’s love for the genre eventually prompted him to release an EP titled, “Free3-Pack” earlier this year — which featured three freestyles paying homage to classic 90’s New York hip-hop.

Despite the current climate of Trap Music dominating the airwaves, Matic embraces today’s balance of hip-hop music.

“I feel we live in an interesting time in the game. My thoughts on the saturation of Trap Music isn’t negative, I just want the game to bring forth balance,” he said during an interview with Baller Alert. “Everyone can eat, at the same time, there’s room for everybody. There’s no need to separate into sub-genres. I believe great music will always withstand and outlive trends. The 90’s NYC hip-hop sound is rooted in the culture and can’t be erased, it’s in the books forever.”

“But as we move forward, we must welcome new sounds and just be free-minded, everyone has different taste,” he continued. “Not saying I love everything I hear. Clearly there’s people that love all types of hip-hop. I can only give my contribution and make music I’m proud of.”

For his latest single, “Extendo,” Chris managed to infuse his ability for vivid storytelling over a Trap-based beat.

“The story of ‘Extendo’ stems from a true story of friendship and betrayal fueled by money, greed, and envy,” he explained. “The visuals tell the story. ‘Extendo’ shows both sides of the game, it starts out with fast money being made from hustling and how quickly it diminishes through false brotherhood. Paranoia is a common thread throughout the song. Sonically I wanted to infuse trap sounds to my sound.”

Among the list of his immediate career goals, Chris is currently recording his forthcoming as-yet-untitled EP. He tells Baller Alert that he also has an interest in opening a Jamaican restaurant for his mother, as well as launching charities and a community center for the youth in Jamaica.

He went on to credit D Roc’s — who was given the name “Invisible Bully” by Biggie — veteran industry experience for inspiring him to “strive for more greatness.”

“D Roc has given me many gems on a daily basis. He is very hands-on with my project,” he said. “One jewel that sticks out a lot is that ‘The blueprint never changes, the music comes first’ everything else — image and marketing — follows after.”

“With all the power and respect he has, I think that simple advice is golden for me because it forces me to always strive for more greatness regardless of whatever accomplishments or accolades. D Roc’s character alone, embodies integrity and shows you that the ultimate currency is respect,” he said.

Check out the video to Chris Matic’s “Extendo” below.

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