Some people collect stamps. And some ballerific females collect Bond No. 9. I visited a friend and she had some of the cutest bottles of Bond No. 9…so I started to do some research. My favorite perfume is Creed (Pink Bottle)..but I tried some Bond No. 9 and liked it. They do limited edition bottles and most are collector items.

The above picture was the Mother’s Day edition. That bottle ran $500 and is made of swarovski crystals.

The is the Andy Warhol Union Square edition with a necklace. The necklace was engraved with a quote:

“My favorite smell is the first smell of spring in New York”

This bottle was $575

Andy Warhol shoe Extravaganza

A larger-than-life-size limited-edition shoe, containing three bottles of Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue.

Price for three bottles is – $1,300

Bleecker Street Edition

The limited-edition 100ml lime green-chartreuse-amethyst-gold starburst watercolor flacon is studded, back and front, with a checkerboard
pattern of matching crystals—and for good measure, an extra-large
crystal front and center.

Price – $395

The Harrods Edition

Harrods perfume combines ancient tradition, modern panache, and unapologetic, out-and-out sensuality.

Price – $625

The Scent of Peace

A uniquely shimmering statement of the longing for peace.

Price – $480

Check out the rest:

Bond No. 9

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