Ballerific question: What type of return are you gettin on your investment???

Return on your Investment!!!!!!

Good evening lovelies-

Tonight let’s cover a small topic that’s been bothering me, and we are ALL guilty of it. You meet that guy, you know, one of “THOSE” guys…. They’re staying the night, you’re making breakfast, and you’re showing off the wifey skills- the whole 9. The whole time you’re doing that, he’s over there soaking in up-  leaving for work full, and satisfied, clothes looking nice, he’s smelling fresh, and you’re 100% to thank for that. So, you feel very accomplished, correct? Good for you girl, go get that man!…….. Until……. It’s been a few weeks now and nothing has changed…. 2 months now, he hasn’t even brought you a cup of coffee in bed. 2 ½ months and finally a change,BUT not so much a positive change… you are now washing and folding the laundry he’s leaving at YOUR house, and putting it in that drawer he’s somehow managed to take over? What the FUCK has happened here?? There’s some kind of fuckery going on here with this situation……. I like to ask my friends that get stuck in this rut to look at it like this: WHAT TYPE OF RETURN ARE YOU GETTING ON YOUR INVESTMENT?

Your investment is your time, your nurturing, your bedroom skills  :D, cooking, cleaning- ANYTHING you do for your man is what I consider your INVESTMENT ok, so let’s think about this in terms of cash. Would you take $1000 to the bank, give it to them, tell them to INVEST it on your behalf- but ask them to make you zero interest? – No, of course not because then you’d be getting a zero percent return on your investment….. Who does that shit?  So now that we have an understanding of what a “no return” is – why are YOU doing this shit?? You want to bring him home? Cool. Get his ass up when you need to get up for work – make sure he gets his shit – hug him goodbye.

Does he insinuate that he wants to stay the night, but you really aren’t feeling it? Well, men aren’t the only damn people in the world who have early morning meetings!! All I’m saying here ladies AND boys that need to learn how to treat the ladies- don’t throw away your “money” (cleaning, cooking, etc) for a zero percent return.  Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of, simply because you Think he’ll come around…… oh, he’ll come around- and it’ll be AFTER you’ve bounced his dumb ass to the curb and have found one of the GOOD ones that believe in investing with you!! Just make sure you’re open, and able to recognize that, or your good one might bounce your ass to the curb!!

Stay classy as loves and as always- Remember to Always Be a Woman Thats Worth Respecting!!


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