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Ballerific Relationships – Check Please! By: @milagreee

Who pays for the first date? There are a few different opinions when it comes to who shells out the cash on the first date. Some men actually don’t allow the female to pay for their meal on the first date while others will want to split the check. We are in a different, more modernized era, but I believe fully in the courting period, and I believe that the first date is when a man pulls out all the stops. He wants to (or should want to) impress you.

When a man doesn’t pay for the first date, it kind of shows that he is cheap, doesn’t care to impress you and at that point you should drop him anyway. When the woman pulls out her wallet, what should happen is that he says “no, I’ve got it.” Guys who can’t afford to take a girl out on a first date, don’t. If you can’t cover the whole check, you will not give off a good first impression. She’s left wondering whether or not you even like her. A woman essentially wants to be protected and provided for, no matter what culture or background she comes from. It is a man’s priority to take care of his woman, and if the first date starts off with you splitting the check, or him allowing you to pay he doesn’t come off as a good provider. Hell, he didn’t even care to impress you that much.

The first date is going to set precedent to the rest of the relationship. If he can’t even offer to pay for the first meal, what makes anyone think that after a few weeks of dating, he’s going to suddenly become the generous gentleman you really want? What you allow is what will happen for the REST of the relationship. There are women that are against the man paying for her. They have the right to tell him they would prefer to split the check, but for some men you are emasculating him at that point.

Some men get offended when a woman refuses to let him pay for the check. No matter how modern as females we get, some rules still apply. One of those being, the man is the provider and the woman is the supporter. I’m not trying to set us back in time or delete the progress women have made but men are wired the way they are wired. A man is brought up knowing to take care of his woman. When it comes to the initial dating period, he’s going to want you to be impressed, he’s going to think of a nice place to take you, he’s going to pull out all the stops, if he doesn’t, he isn’t worth your time.

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