Ballerific Relationships - Ditching The Side Chick

Ballerific Relationships – Ditching The Side Chick

In a man’s life, there comes a time when he faces tough decisions such as proposing to his long-time girlfriend, moving to another state for a new job, or refinancing his mortgage.  However, for men who have a “side chick,” one of the most challenging decisions they will make is whether to keep her or not.  Here are three signs that indicate it’s time to let go of the side chick.

  1. Things are getting serious – Men have always been able to separate lust and love, but for women, the two often go hand in hand.  If the side chick wants to pursue a serious relationship, she may add pressure on the man, making it challenging to keep the side relationship a secret.  This can result in threats to ruin the main relationship.  In this case, it’s time to pull away from the side chick, but there may be consequences, such as flat tires or broken windows.
  2. Getting sloppy – In the beginning, the man may have been disciplined in keeping the relationships separate, but with time, he may have become too comfortable and nonchalant about the “other” relationship.  Leaving cell phones unattended, receipts showing activities for two, and going to popular resorts can result in getting caught.  If this happens, it’s time to let the side chick go.
  3. Out of control – Having a woman in your life who has lost her marbles is the worst thing that can happen.  If the side chick wants more from the man, she may try to get it at all costs.  This can include leaving voicemails at home, on the main girl’s cell phone, and at work, parking across the street, and assuming a role of power since she has the current relationship in her palm.  Before things get out of hand, it’s time to ditch her.

Ditching the side chick is not an easy process.  It involves telling the main girl what has been going on, dealing with the side chick’s reaction, and rebuilding trust with the main girl.  However, it’s crucial to detect these signs early and take action before it’s too late.

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