Ballerific Relationships: Fallin’ For Someone You Can’t Have

Dear Crush,

I have been trying to find the right words to say to you for months but haven’t been able to fix my lips to say them. Now that I have the opportunity, I want you to know that I am feeling you like no other. We have an unbreakable bond that others don’t quite understand. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that I wanted to have you in my life. Our friendship grows more and more each day, which makes this even harder. I wanted to let you know that I want more than a friendship but I know that I can’t have you because you are with “her.”


Crazy right?!?!?


Have you ever been attracted to someone mentally, physically, and emotionally but they are with someone else? Although, the person never hid their relationship from you, you found yourself falling for their intellect through the constant conversations. As time passed, your intellectual connection developed into an intense physical attraction. Before you know it, you are lusting over a man that belongs to someone else.


There are some things you cannot control and that includes the way you feel about someone. Although, there is no sex involved – just feelings and thoughts that you want to eventually act upon, out of respect for the relationship you choose to dial it back and keep your distance.


The feelings begin to eat you up, and now the person that was once a good friend, is seeking answers, wondering what he’s done to keep you away. But, the truth of the matter is, it’s not him. It’s you. It’s heartbreaking to know or find out that your crush is taken. While it may not be the end of the world, it surely can feel like it knowing that you two have a great chemistry together.


In the back of your mind you know that your thoughts are inappropriate but you can’t help who you fall for. Your mouth says leave the situation alone but your heart is not allowing you  to. Although the time for you two to be together isn’t right,  if the opportunity presents itself later, do you take it?


At the end of the day, only time will tell. The heart wants what the heart wants.

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