Ballerific Relationships: Why Is It Hard For Successful Women To Find A Man?


When it comes to being successful, some women find it hard to find a man. Not just any man but a man that is successful, loving, spontaneous, awesome in the bedroom, a good sense of humor, and more. You begin to question your standards and wonder if they are too high. What am I doing wrong?

We have all watched the movie “Daddy’s Little Girls” and saw that Gabrielle Union was a successful attorney. The biggest issue for her was that she could not find a good man that was worth her time and energy. Once Julia (Gabrielle Union) became attracted to (Montey) Idris Elba, she began listening to her girls and judging him before actually getting to know him. A good man could be staring you in your face, but because he doesn’t make the amount of money you want, you are not interested.

I have jotted down a few reasons I think it is hard for successful women to find a man. Of course, this is my opinion and listed in no particular order.

(1). Ladies, stop listening to your friends all of the time. I understand that we tell our girls everything and think they have our best interest at heart. Sometimes, you have to do what is best for you. Your interests in men are not the same as your friends. It’s one thing to listen to your friends that are single but to listen to someone that is single and unhappy is ludicrous.

Also, try to stay away from that friend that is in an unhappy relationship. This friend has been with her guy off and on but continues to stay with him because she “loves him.” Not only is she unhappy with her situation but she doesn’t want to see you happy. It is not her intentions but due to her unhappiness, she can’t help but think all relationships are going to turn out like hers.


(2). Don’t push away your potential beau because he doesn’t make the same amount of money as you. Don’t be so shallow. As long as he is respectable, works, not living at home with his momma, and treats you like a queen. If he does all of this, then why are you not interested. Are you afraid of what others are going to say about you two dating? Instead of pushing him away, why not help him accomplish his goals.

When it comes to your happiness, no one else matters. Do what is best for you and your life. If you constantly diss every man that is not in your tax bracket, you will continue to be lonely. Who’s to say that a baller is going to respect you, treat you with respect, or gives you the orgasm you have been missing.


(3). Are you having sex on the first date? Lets say you are out with your girls and this attractive guy approaches you. Immediately, you two hit it off and you are off for a fun and eventful night. Instead of getting to know him, you go off for a little rendezvous. The sex was absolutely amazing. Now, the night is over and he doesn’t call you the next day. Well, honestly what did you expect after a one night stand. If you were looking for a relationship with the potential, then you have to treat them as such. I am not saying wait 90 days or have all of these rules but show him that you are serious about getting to know “him.”

One night stands do not usually turns into promising relationships. Take your time and the wait will be worth it. Most of us want to be married with children by a certain age but the way life is set up, it doesn’t always happen the way we want it to or when we want it to.

What would you add to the list?

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