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When it comes to oral sex, some like to give, most like to receive, and others enjoy doing both equally. In the 69 position, which is also known as simultaneous oral sex, you could enjoy the best of both worlds. It is pleasure on all fronts, literally. Like any other sex act, there are rules of etiquette that you can follow that will make the 69 experience pleasurable for the both of you. 

Prepare The Playing Field
When it comes to oral stimulation, cleanliness is beneficial to your health and satisfaction. Your body parts should be clean and well groomed. Women are accustomed to maintaining the landscape around their vagina. On the other hand, men are afraid to do anything that makes them seem less manly. Fact of the matter is that unless a man is in pornography or a nude model, he should not be bare down there. However, a man should be well trimmed around his privates. It makes it easier for her to look at and maneuver around. To steam things up, shower together before you 69. Explore each other’s bodies. Use this time to pre-play before the foreplay. There is nothing sexier than a wet body. 

For obvious reasons, a woman should be on top when in the 69 position. Chances are the guy is heavier so him being on top could make her uncomfortable. Besides, he can end up choking her or kneeling on her hair if he gets too excited. Her being on top also gives her control. She can determine the speed and how much of his penis she puts into her mouth. Due to the position that they are in,  the stimulation he feels will be a lot different since her tongue is now sliding up and down the top part of his shaft. It is important that the guy does not forget that the 69 is a simultaneous act. He cannot forget to please her while he is being stimulated. In this position, he should focus on penetration with his tongue. He should also focus on sucking on and licking in between the lips of her vagina. He should also keeps his hands busy by rubbing on her thighs and butt. Another 69 position you can try is the side 69. In this position, both individuals lay on their side and face each other’s privates. Each person can lay on the other person’s thigh for comfort. 

Don’t Go There
Some guys like to take advantage of all the access that is given to them. After all, in the 69 position, all her private parts are in his face. Some women find anal stimulation pleasurable while others find it disgusting. Before attempting any anal stimulation, the man should be clear that the woman is open to that act. Once he goes there, he should stay there. Never in any circumstance should he go from butt to vagina. If she wants continuous vaginal and anal stimulation, he should continue orally stimulating her vagina while he manually stimulates her butt. Being able to stimulate on all areas while being stimulated is a unique sensation. Enjoy. 

Note: Sex should always be committed between two consenting adults. Always practice safe sex.

Written by: @TheilluminADY

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