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They live in the deepest, darkest, and loneliest places in our minds. We locked them up, throw away the key and put a guard in front of the gate. We do everything in our powers to not let them escape. We know that if they do escape, people will not like what they know. I’m talking about secrets. Honesty is often seen as a key factor in a successful relationship. This is fact, especially in well-established relationship. How about for new relationships? Should you reveal everything?

Timing Is Everything

Your partner wants you to believe that telling them everything will make them trust you. They frown upon the things you keep from them. However, in a relationship, telling your partner everything makes you vulnerable. Do you really want to pour your heart to someone you don’t even know will be around in the next few months? Keeping a few secrets helps protect you emotionally. It gives you time to feel the person out. It allows you to reach certain comfort levels with your partner. Of course, the more you get comfortable, the more you reveal. Keeping things too long can lead to a break-up.

Keep It To Yourself…For Now

When you meet someone new, you want everything to go perfect. In your mind, this new person could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Though you might want to be completely honest, which you should, there are a few things you might not want to reveal too early. If you have an embarrassing non-communicable ailment, you should keep that to yourself in the beginning. There’s no reason to reveal that you have a constipation problem within the first three dates. You also don’t want to reveal your income too early in the relationship. You definitely don’t want them dating you for your money. Then there’s the trick answer you should never answer, “How many people have you slept with?” A high number reveals that you’re a slut and a low number says that you’re inexperienced. All these things should not be revealed early on. Keep them to yourself for now.

I Think You Should Know

In a new relationship, it’s important to reveal things gradually. However, there are things that should be revealed right away. If you’ve cheated on your partner, you should tell them. You can still save your relationship if you reveal your infidelity to your partner. If they find out on their own or later on, things between you can be over. It is also important to reveal where you see the relationship is going. If you see your partner as a fling, let them know. If you want more from yur partner, let them know. Don’t ever leave the status of your relationship to assumption. The most important fact about yourself that you should reveal is if you have an STD. It is your responsibility to disclose your medical history especially when someone else’s health is at stake. Keeping a secret like that is never acceptable.

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