Ballerific Relationships: Survive Your Next Break Up Before It Happens – blogged by: @mr.blacktalks

Let’s face it, the end of any romantic relationship sucks. Whether you’re the one who calls it quits or the one getting dumped, no one wants to be ill-prepared for a break-up.

Here are a few quick tips to help you bounce back from a break-up before you even find your next partner:

5. Save the Music

Don’t dedicate every great song you hear to your new boo. I’ve ruined so many good albums by doing this. Immediately following a break up, a song can go from being “your jam” to a traumatic journey down memory lane. My rule is to only dedicate music that I’m okay with letting go. I know that this is easier said than done, but if you want to enjoy your favorite music down the road, I suggest you save some of it for yourself. #ProtectYouriPod

4. Don’t Sign ANYTHING

Don’t sign any contracts or agreements that extend longer than the amount of time you’ve already spent with this person. I’ve done this in the past but was fortunate to have a relatively responsible ex. Just protect your sanity and credit score by keeping your name off any binding agreements. #FreeCreditReportDotCom

3. Have Some Chill on Social Media

Don’t blow up your friend’s news feeds with photos and statuses until you’re positive that the relationship is worth the amount of clean up time it will take to scrub them off of your social media timelines. Trust me, their usually not. #SaveTheGram

2. Don’t Move Across the Country

This is concept is pretty self explanatory. Unless it’s for personal growth opportunities, keep your ass in your current domain until you’re POSITIVE that you know the person you’re moving for. I would also suggest thoroughly researching the city/state as well.

1. Fall in love with yourself first

Love yourself first. You’re not obligated to accept anything less than what you feel like you deserve. No one is entitled to a perfect love life, however we are in control of how high or low we set our standards and expectations. Always remember that humans are resilient and the woes of a break up will pass. Life is all about the learning experiences. I could have given up on the idea of true love after my last few speed bumps, but I refuse to. I believe that the key is in not making the same mistakes repeatedly. Sometimes a dog has to run into the same glass door a few times before he realizes that it’s not open—it’s just really clean.

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