Ballerific Relationships: When Is It OKAY To Put All Your Eggs In One Basket? By: Briana Shani

When you spend a decent amount of time single, and you meet a man that seems to be everything you want, you can start to think like, “I just wanna love it with all my heart! *Kevin Hart voice*”.

But, slow your roll.

Women are naturally more monogamous than men, so we don’t think as hunters.  When we find someone that we like we can easily divert all of our attention to him, intentionally or unintentionally.  Suddenly, you’re responding to your side boo’s texts less and less, and only anticipating when “he” hits you up.  

These actions have led a lot of women down the path of self destruction.

It’s important not to skip over the dating phase and go straight to (one-sided) monogamy.  Don’t be afraid to test the waters, make sure you really get to know him, You can do all of this without being closed-off to other options.

Men have plenty of options and they don’t settle down until they know for sure she’s the one.  I know, I know, its hard not to get all girly and in your feelings when you like this man.  If his attention is enough, why seek someone else’s?

Here’s a couple tips if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Never seek another man’s attention if you’re happy with what your potential man is giving you, BUT don’t be closed off to the idea if you two aren’t monogamous.

  • When in doubt, ASK! If you want to know where he stands in the courtship, the best thing you can do is ask.  Then you’ll know how to handle yourself accordingly.  And, if he says he’s seeing other people and you still want to be dedicated to just him, you’re responsible for whatever emotional consequences come about.

I’ll say this, men are a little better at not putting their eggs in one basket, but they put too many eggs in theirs.  We need a happy medium.

What do you think? When you’re interested in in a man that’s courting you, do you put all your energy into him?

Share your thoughts.

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