Ballerific Relationships – Would You Get Your Significant Other’s Name Tattooed On You?

If you believe in superstition you are probably part of the population that believes that as soon as you tattoo your significant other’s name on you, you are dooming the future of that relationship. I am probably one of the few that feel that particular superstition is, for lack of a better word, bullsh-t. I think what makes people believe this is true is because some of these relationships often times DO fail. But I doubt that the tattoo was the culprit. I believe that the tattoo was just done for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it is used as a sad attempt to salvage a relationship that was going to fail in the first place. Some people use tattoos as a means of guilting the other party into sticking it out a little longer. In a sense they’re saying “Hey, I got your name on me, we’re stuck together forever anyway so we might as well make it work“. Anytime you try to force someone to stay with you, whether it’s emotionally, physically or symbolically with a tattoo, you’re destined for disaster.
Often times the relationship was never truly understood. Again, this isn’t the tattoos fault is it? If you are deeply in love with your boyfriend, enough to get his name sketched onto your body permanently, can you blame him if he doesn’t feel the same way (about you OR the tattoo)? A lot of times we feel a certain way and either expect someone else to automatically feel the same, or just get so excited that we rush to make a commitment without thinking. Tattoos are a commitment. They’re permanent. Commitment’s scare certain people.
I asked a few of my Twitter and Facebook friends the same question and as you can see, they had a lot to say. Do you feel the same?? Would You Get Your Significant Other’s Name Tattooed On You?
@StevieNikks: Nope but if we got married I would put his initials on my ring finger and vice versa
@blackbutta145: Yea,if its true love
@MrG3nius: only way is if I felt she was the one and she passed away. I’d do it in honor/remembrance of her.

@SincerelyDaja: no, even though you go into the relationship thinking its forever there’s always a possibility its not. If you tattoo, he must too.
@BtSquared2: Nope. I don’t have my own or my child’s name tattooed on me and really don’t see the significance of doing it. My little cousin has BOTH of her children’s father’s names tattooed on her…..both have been covered with even bigger, more obnoxious tattoos.
@xphaqtor: Nope. I have no tats, & I’m definitely not a fan of stacking tats on top of tats because you couldn’t stop fighting over the remote
@bshepjr_: something i know thats gonna last, like marriage, maybe. girlfriend, no.

@definedARTS: I did, but I don’t recommend it…lol

@TOMEKAPEARL: no no and hell no….kids are the only thing that’s promised to u..kid tatts only

@Tre_Bishop: It’s stupid to get someone’s name tattooed on you whom isn’t family, to me. What’s gonna happen when you two break up? You’re still stuck with they’re name on your body for the rest of your life. To a degree, it would seem as though they still own you.

@EpitomeOfPR: That’s honestly the most irresponsible move a person could make, tattoos are permanent, relationships are not.

@ChristinaSnooky: HELL to the NO!!why do you have to tatt somebody’s name on your body?to show you love them?i know so many people who did that and have the biggest regrets after they broke up with that person!i would nt get my husbands name tatted,my child ore my momma.not even my own name!i know who i am,and who i love nd don’t need nobodys name nowhere on my body! X that!

So would you do it??

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