Ballerific Relationships: You Know You Aren’t Over Your Ex If….

Many of us have experienced a breakup whether it was it was for the best or a sense of relief. No one goes into a relationship and think it’s going to end before it ever truly begins. Somewhere down the line, there is a sense of disconnect between the two of you that caused the relationship to fall on bad terms. The real issue lies after the breakup.

If you have ever experienced real love, there’s no doubt that it takes time to heal and move on emotionally from the relationship. Now, here you are six months later and every love song that hits the radio remind you of the relationship that once was, could it be that you’re not over your ex?

Here are a few signs that you may want that old thing back but need to move on –

1. Cyber Stalking – If you make it your duty to check for updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat just to see what your ex is sharing with the world, you’re just not over it, especially if you are following or tracking their new boo. If you have a friend following just so you can log on to her SnapChat from time to time just to see what him/her is up to, you might want to reconsider moving on.

2. Block List – This feature on the smartphone is highly recommended for telemarketers, the friend you just cut off, and the creep that keeps trying to hit on you through text. In the case of the ex, if you’ve got him/her on the block list because you can’t resist responding if they contact you, that sounds like a personal problem. This may be a mechanism to fight your own temptations of giving in or sending a 4-page text message about how you wish things could’ve worked out. They should only be on the list if they’re harassing you, not as a tool to keep you from contacting them, especially when you know the number by heart.

3. Drunken Thoughts – You are hanging out with friends and you’ve had one too many drinks, now you are all in your feelings reminiscing about the good times. Problem is, you’ve removed them from the block list just so you can tell him/her how you really feel. You wake up to a phone inbox full of regret and a call log that you wish you can take back. This hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper for you to get out of.

4. No One Is Your Type – Your friends want you to move on, so they are doing any and everything to get you back out there on the dating scene but for some reason no one is fitting the criteria. If you are looking for your date to fill your ex’s place, then you might need to take some more time to reevaluate your life before bringing someone else into it. There’s nothing more unattractive than a person that is caught up in the past and bringing up past relationship madness on the first date.

5. Your Friends Aren’t Listening Anymore – Eventually, your friends will be over your sobbing and full of regret type of conversations. Being “over it” is an understatement for how your friends feel about you and your ex. You always find a way to squeeze him in the conversation and quite frankly, no one really cares. Sure, friends should be there to support you in trying times, but If you’ve supposedly moved on but you are constantly talking about why the two of you broke up and how they have moved on over and over, they will eventually grow sick and tired. They will no longer give advice because you are still doing what you want to do.

6. You’re Acting Irrational – In these past few months, you’ve done things you would otherwise never even consider, from one night stands that will eventually turn into a “hoe phase” to being spiteful just to grab their attention or trying to remove them from your mind.

Getting over a bad break up can be tough but take your time. Things will get better as long as you are not dwelling on the past. What’s for you is for you. If it is meant to be, then it will come back. Never put your life on hold, you never know what your future holds.

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