What you wear on the outside is just as important as what you put underneath. Within the last couple of years that has been a boom in the undergarment business with shape wear. You can find it just about anywhere, from Nordstoms to CVS and in between. Also now shape wear isn’t just for ladies who have a little more” junk” ;they are for any shape and size.Shape wear is perfect for those events where you have that dress you are trying to squeeze into but still want a streamlined seamless look. With that being said you should check out Dr. Rey’s Shapewear. From the E! show “Dr. 90210” Dr. Rey teamed up with Australian lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi to come out with a line for women to show that you can have a great body without surgery. Schiavi and Rey’s goal was to create a line that enhances your body’s natural assets through the shape wear.
I actually had the opportunity to try the product out and I must say it lives up to the hype. The material is really breathable and you can’t see it at all under your clothes. I had the high waisted panty which which went great under different styles of clothing. It wasn’t hard to get in and out of and SUPER easy if you have to go to the restroom. I would rank this right up there with Spanx. So if you have an opportunity I would definitely give Dr. Rey’s Shapewear a try! They are also coming out with a line with the Kardashian sisters so look out for that as well Check it out! .
Dr. Rey Shapewear High-Waist Sculpted Bottom BriefDr. Rey Shapewear Two-Pack SlipsDr. Rey Shapewear Convertible Strap Body SuitDr. Rey Shapewear T-Shirt w/ Bottom Enhancer Body Suit

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