Ballerific Sports: Be On the Lookout for Richard Sherman

Athlete: Richard Sherman

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Position: Shutdown Cornerback

Hometown: Compton, California

Height: 6’3

Weight: 195

College: Stanford (Who doesn’t love a smart baller), he graduated and went back and obtained a master’s degree. Sherman was the salutatorian in high school (second in his class).

Salary:  4 year / $56 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks, including an $11,000,000 signing bonus, $40,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $14,000,000.

Net Worth: Approximately 60 Million, including business endeavors and endorsements

Marital Status: He’s not married, so he’s single. He has a girlfriend. Not like that ever matters when it comes to pro athletes.

Notable Achievements: Drafted in 2011, he is already a Superbowl Champ, Cover of Madden 15, member of the best pass defense in the NFL, shutting down Peyton Manning, two time all pro, 2013 Pro Bowl player, and other numerous achievements.

Why we like this baller: His tell it like it is confident attitude (but in an intelligent manner). If you don’t have any confidence, go to the Richard Sherman School of self-esteem. Classes are enrolling now.

Likes: Phi Beta Sigma, talking trash, being better at life than Skip Bayless, terrorizing Erin Andrews in interviews, talking junk about Michael Crabtree, irking  Jim Harbaugh, pissing off Tom Brady ,being a member of the “Legion of BOOM”, giving NFL quarterbacks  and receivers fits, having swagger for days, and track.



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