Ballerific Sports: Lawsuit Reveals University Of Tennessee Violated Title IX

Another university is being exposed for violating Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. Last week Baller Alert reported that Baylor University had also violated these term. 

On Tuesday, six unnamed women filed a federal lawsuit stating that five University of Tennessee former & current athletes allegedly beat one of their teammates for helping two rape victims. The good samaritan, Drae Bowles, drove one alleged victim to the hospital the night she said she was assaulted, according to the suit, and supported her decision to tell police about the attack. 

The football team “had a hit out on Drae Bowles,” the suit read. The lawsuit lists two separate attacks on Bowles,  including one that coaches allegedly watched. 

The women claim  the school showed “deliberate indifference” to their sexual assault reports. 

Court documents state that the university “delayed the investigation process until the athlete perpetrators transferred to another school or graduated without sanction or discipline.” The suit further revealed that administration was made aware of allegations but held them up for the advantage of the athletes. 

Drae Bowles previously denied he was beaten by teammates to the News Sentinel but did testify which lead to two indictments. 

Read the full story at NY Daily News. 

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