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The Western Conference Finals kicked-off Monday night in Oakland and things proved to be just as hype as fans expected. While the start of the game seemed to be the tale of slight Thunder struggles and Warriors comfort, things changed over the course of Game one. So much so, that Oklahoma City came out with a 108-102 victory.

It was a tale of two-halfs on Monday night, separated amongst two teams. The first half undeniably belonged to Golden State, who went into halftime with a 60-47 lead. The reigning champions seemed to have a game plan that worked, one which involved Draymond Green (23-4-5) guarding Andre Roberson (7-1-5), and led to a show-stopping Steph Curry (26-7-10) buzzer-beater to end the half. However, coming out of halftime it was obvious that OKC had other plans. The Thunder out-scored the Warriors 61-42 while simultaneously out-rebounding the dream team. Thunder players Steven Adams (16-0-12), Roberson (7-1-5), and Serge Ibaka (11-1-11) all picked things up when it mattered. 

As for Thunder stars Kevin Durant (26-3-10) and Russell Westbrook (27-12-6), the duo proved to be amongst the league’s best when it counted. After taking a number of face, limb, and body blows over the course of the first half, Westbrook 19 of his 27 points in the 3rd quarter alone. While Durant tied the game for the Thunder with just 12 seconds left in the fourth. Of course things wouldn’t be right of a controversial no-call didn’t occur towards the the nitty-gritty end of the game.

According to GS Head Coach Steve Kerr, this time the trend came on a Westbrook alleged travel with just 17 seconds left. An official later confirmed the no-call, calling it an “unfortunate miss.”

Now, while it is important to acknowledge OKC’s game-one victory on the road, things will only get harder from here. Who do you guys have taking Game-2?

Sources: ESPN

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