Ballerific Travel: Tips On Scoring Flight Upgrades

Ballerific Travel: Tips On Scoring Flight Upgrades

Traveling is already a perk but traveling with upgrades is perkier. Whether you’re flying for leisure or business, you always want the best the airline has to offer.

There are some pretty cool business and first-class cabins we all hope to one day experience. Next time you hop on a plane, try your luck at some of these suggestions that can help you score a better seat.

Be nice. When it comes to flight upgrades, travel experts suggest being courteous and knowing when to strike. For example, a former flight attendant says the best time to check on cabin upgrades is at the gate. Let the gate agent know that you’re interested in upgrading your cabin. Typically, flight attendants aren’t in control of moving passengers on the aircraft.

Become a loyal customer. If you belong to the airline’s loyalty program, sometimes that allows upgrades if the cabin isn’t full. Delta Airlines allows its SkyMiles members the option to use miles to upgrade and if you reach Medallion status, you and one companion are eligible for Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort+, as well as the domestic Delta One experience as part of your Medallion Benefits.

Announce your reason for traveling. If you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, casually drop the news while talking to the gate agent. You may get some kind of special treatment, like a cabin upgrade or access to their lounge.

Fly during quieter times. This tip also increases your chances. Flights are usually fuller during summer and holiday travel, which cuts the possibility of an upgrade.

Get mad. Apparently, there’s also the option of throwing a tantrum. If the airline has caused an inconvenience with your flight, they may be more willing to accommodate you, especially if you are upset.

Dress nice. An airline is more likely to put you in the “fancier” cabins if you dress the part. If your goal is to score an upgrade,dress it up a little.

If all else fails, just ask. You never know, the worst thing the airline can do is say no.

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