BALLERS ON PARADE: Beyonce and Solange show up in Japan to promote albums…

I can hear the music now…oh oh oh oh oh oh no, oh oh oh oh oh oh no no…

So Beyonce cracked and rocked one of the most oversaturated dress trends i.e. The Herve Leger bandage dress! The only thing is that Bee rocked it better than any chick that ever wore it…touché Mrs Carter.

Beyonce and Solange hit the the trendy Eight Million fashion shop in the Ginza district. They were there to promote Samantha Thavasa handbags and their albums among other things. More pix after the jump!

I tell ya, Solange can’t win. Look at that frumpfest that they put her in! Beyonce looks like a hot chica and Solo looks well…nevermind. Mama Tina I blame you.


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