The month of October is here & I love it for many reasons. One being, the season of fall has arrived & I love fall fashion, from the boots, blazers & colors. You guys can catch my drift, but the main reason why October is special to me is Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cancer is a disease that I particularly don’t have a care for, given it has taken many of a family member away from me. However, breast cancer hits close to home given both my mom & aunt were diagnosed with it. The recovery phase with my mom was hard to watch, the many chemo & radiation treatments took its toll. However, the one thing that got my mom through her battle was her positive mindset. She NEVER owned up to the fact that she had the disease. I truly believe half the part in beating it is how you look at the situation. Don’t allow it to conquer you & never accept defeat.

To this day, both my mom & aunt are cancer free. They live as if they were never affected. Of course I pay close attention to my health since I could very well be affected in the future. I encourage everyone to educate yourself, learn more & do what you can to educate those who are unaware.

To those individuals who have lost a loved one due to breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, my prayers are with you. Those are fighting, know that you are not alone, continue fighting that battle til you conquer it!

Always educate, be aware & always think pink!

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