So you want to make your sweetheart feel special? Apologize for something? Whatever your reason you to impress your baller, Baller Alert has the perfect solution for you- an indoor picnic!

1) Set the mood:

Begin your set-up in a relatively neat area of your place. The bedroom floor is a perfect area to have the picnic, if only for the fabulous proximity to the bed, which, if all goes well, will be the setting of your subsequent activity. Spread a tablecloth or thin blanket on the ground. Buy a dozen roses (grocery- store roses should be ok), and separate the bunch in half. Keep half together and lie them in the center of the blanket. Pluck the petals off the remaining roses and scatter the petals around the perimeter of the blanket. Place several candles strategically around the room. Maybe a few near the bed as a subtle hint? Candles can either be scented (but not too strong as to overwhelm the food) or unscented. A cheap option is to buy tea-light candles–a couple of dollars will buy you a bag of them as big as your head. And finally, have a little jazz or classical music playing lightly in the background.

2) Alcohol make everything more romantic:

This part is up to your preference. Champagne or wine should do nicely. Liquor should work even faster. If you’re serving champagne or white wine, keep it in a bucket of ice by the blanket. If it’s a red, you can place it in the middle of the blanket next to the roses. Don’t forget the cork-screw!

3) Prepare the food:

Again, improvise the food as you wish; remember though, keep things on the light side– bloated does not equal sexy.

First easy food–cheese and crackers. Finger foods

Second easy food–chocolate fondue. Nothing is simpler and yet more impressive than chocolate fondue. Ingredients: 6 oz semisweet chocolate chips, 1/3 cup of heavy cream (half and half will work too), 2 TB of Grand Marnier, brandy or rum (optional), assorted fruit (strawberries with the stems removed, sliced bananas, cut up pineapple etc). Combine chocolate and cream in a saucepan and heat on low heat until everything gets all melted together. Add liqueur if desired. Transfer melted chocolate to serving bowl. Set bowl in the middle of a tray and place the various fruit pieces prettily around the bowl.

4) Reap the benefits!

Have everything prepared and arranged nicely as you lead your baller into the room. Blindfold him for a dramatic touch. Save the blindfold for later. And then enjoy!

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