Beauty Tip – Between Eyebrow Waxing? Try This

First of all the best time to get working on them brows is when your pores are fresh and open, which is after you have washed your face and your face has been wet for a few minutes or when you have just come out the shower. Now even though some people prefer waxing their eye brows, plucking them is actually the best way to get them nice and shaped. Before you start, make sure you apply an astringent on your eyebrows, such as witch hazel. Then, using a tooth brush or some kind of brush, shape your eyebrows by brushing them in the direction you want to go. Once you’ve brushed them into place you began to pluck those messy strands of hair hanging out or out of the eyebrow line. There you go you have your perfect eyebrow arch.

So when you aren’t in the mood to go get them brows done or you don’t just have the extra money, well here’s an easy extra way you can get them looking good. Whether it’s for a date, a night on the town or if you are looking to impress that special person!

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