Beauty Tip – How To Apply Fake Lashes for his MVP Reception!

Unfortunately, not all of us are genetically gifted with lush eyelashes. The good news is that now you can actually buy them and put them on without the help of professional makeup artists.

Apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive to the lashband of the false eyelash. Allow it to set for a moment so that the glue can get a bit sticky before applying. Without touching the band, hold the hairs and begin to apply the lashes starting from the outer corner of the eye as close to the lash line as possible.
Once the outside corner is sticking well, work inward, pressing the false lashes to the lash line until the entire band is affixed.
Be careful not to squeeze eyes shut too tight until glue is perfectly dry.
More tips on how to put on false eyelashes:

False eyelashes or falsies usually come with their own adhesive. If they don’t, you can always turn to trusty bands like Shu Uemura for a tube of adhesive that will last. False eyelashes look better when the size of the strands are of different lengths. Use a small pair of scissors to snip at the tips to create a more natural look.
Curl and apply mascara to lashes after you’ve applied your beautiful false ones.

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