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That’s Baller: Bentley Residences Miami to Open in 2026, Units Selling for $4.2 Million Include Car Elevator That Takes You Directly to Your Home

Bentley has partnered with posh real estate developer Dezer Development to create a luxury living experience fit for the wealthiest Miami residents. 

The condominium building will consist of 61 stories. Standing at 749 feet, Bentley Residences is set to become the tallest beachfront residential tower in Miami. Each unit will come with a plethora of high-end amenities. The most impressive is the state-of-the-art car elevator system. Known as the Dezervator, the device replaces standard elevators, allowing residents to drive their vehicles directly to their homes. The property’s four Dezervators are equipped with a hydraulic system to hold the car’s tires in place that releases once they arrive at their apartment, so residents do not have to worry about accidents on the transporter. A turning platform will spin the vehicle around and direct the car to an available parking spot within the apartment’s personal garage. Each unit will come with up to 1,552 square feet of parking space, with three to four slots each for residents with multiple vehicles to park. To accommodate Bentley’s growing range of electric and hybrid cars, EV chargers will be available in certain garages for an additional fee. 

Though the Bentley Residences Miami will not open its doors until 2026, potential buyers are invited to explore a 6,000-square-foot model open in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami. The tour of the property is now available in virtual reality, allowing future residents to see not only the apartment but the common spaces such as the game room, restaurant, cigar lounge, and more. 

Anyone interested in owning one of these ultra-luxury homes will have to fork over a pretty penny, with each condo starting at $4.2 million. However, if the “unique experience” is within your price range, you may want to begin reserving yours today, as the world’s richest are likely to flock to the Florida getaway once the massive building is completed. 

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