Best Comfort Foods For Your Next "Netflix & Chill" Night

Best Comfort Foods For Your Next “Netflix & Chill” Night

There is nothing like finishing up that hectic work week and finally being able to enjoy a new flick that you’ve been waiting to see on your favorite streamer. While many prefer wine with their designated movie night, others need the perfect snack to set off the vibes from the couch. 

Let’s visit some of our favorite comfort foods for your next well-deserved “Netflix & Chill” evening. 

Cheeseburger with all the Fixings

With Five Guys, Shake Shack, or Culver’s, you have options when it comes to a juicy cheeseburger. This handheld icon will fill you up as you clutch your pearls at the newest Tyler Perry storyline or cry from laughter at Kevin Hart’s latest stand-up special. If you need a good burger recommendation, Wendy’s recently brought back its Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger, so be sure to grab one before you press play.

Popcorn with Extra Butter or Sugar

We know this is the obvious choice, as popcorn and movies have been going hand in hand for generations. However, this snack is not to be slept on. New variations of popcorn make it much more enjoyable for people of all palates. Popinsanity sells delicious caramel-covered popcorn, while Harry & David have their line of milk and dark chocolate-covered popped kernels. If you are a simpler foodie, the classic Orville Redenbacher’s has never taken a day off from grocery store shelves. 

Chicken Wings                        

Let’s be honest, do you ever need a reason to grab a ten-piece from your favorite chicken spot? Absolutely not, but movie night is a great excuse to indulge in a little bone-in action. You may be a buffalo or plain kind of person, and that’s perfectly fine. But for those wanting a little kick in their chicken, WingStop unveiled their new Honey Hot flavor in June that is just waiting to be picked up for your movie night.

Ice Cream 

Cookies & Cream, Butter Pecan, Rocky Road, Vanilla. No matter your flavor preference, ice cream is among the comfort food God’s and should absolutely be on your movie night menu. If you wish to take your frozen treat to the next level, top it with a few bananas, nuts, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream to create that perfect sundae for the perfect film. Or, you may grab a pint of Creamalicious Slap Yo Momma Banana Pudding Ice Cream at your local Target.

Pizza with Every Topping

Whether it’s Little Caesars or Digiorno’s, pizza will never let you down during those nights in front of the television. Countless “Netflix & Chill” evenings have kicked off with a slice of pizza. For those who are fans of both chicken and pizza, Buffalo Wild Wings recently released their Boneless Bar Pizzas, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Whether horror, romance, or comedy is your thing, do not forget the comfort food to complete the movie night. Let us know which ones are your favorite, or maybe you have a different dish to add to the list. Be sure to share with us!

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