Birthday Ballers: Nivea Top 10 Throwback Songs

Birthday Ballers: Nivea Top 10 Throwback Songs

On this day, we would like to send a very special Happy 34th Birthday shout out to the beautiful Nivea! To celebrate her birthday, we have compiled a list of our top 10 songs. Nivea first hit the scene back in 2000 where she was featured on one of the hottest songs that summer…Mystikal’s “Danger”. After being featured on such a major hit, she created some amazing songs herself. Nivea’s hits features Okay, Complicated, Parking Lot, and so many more.

Lets check out some of our favorite songs from Nivea to celebrate her birthday below in no particular order:

I actually heard “Love Hurts” a couple of years ago and fell in love with the song. The video features her ex, Lil’ Wayne. The song talks about being hurt in a relationship from lies and infidelity.

All your lies, all you’re cheating 
I done tallied up your score boy your winning 
You done defeated me, fall down gracefully 
Now I’m down for the count tell me what this pain about 
Is this necessary, you could of been straight up with me 
Or come straight if you didn’t want me 
If ever there was a bitter story of a woman scorned 
(Turn up your radio) baby cuz heres one 

Don’t Mess With My Man featured Brian and Brandon Casey of Jagged Edge

It was hard to find a brotha that was down for me 
So I’m tellin everybody let him be
Cause he’s mine and I can’t take no pigeons tryna take my baby
So I thought I had to let you know
Find someone that you can call your own
Cause now you’re walkin in the danger zone
And if I touch you I’ll be wrong

If you mess with my man, I’ma be the one to bring it to ya
Got my girls, got my man, so find your own and leave mine alone
Don’t mess with my man, I’ma be the one to break it to ya
Here’s a little advice for you, find your own man

Okay featuring Young Bloodz

All the girls that feel me say okay…in the club u hear me say okay feeling good, feeling great I look good don’t hate.

If the fellas feeling good say oh yeah and if your liking what u do say oh yeah…feeling good…feeling great u look good boy too don’t hate.

All my girls get your hair fixed and your nails done put your hands up and say okay (okay) okay (okay)

okay (okay) okay (okay) …u got the drink, get another one make him pay for it….put it in the air and say okay (okay) okay
(okay) okay (okay) okay (okay)..

Mystikal feat Nivea Danger was a super hot song back in 2000. 

Been so long 
Since, he’s been on
So please 
Show me 
What it is that you want to see


Sat up in the dark for so long
Just livin’ my life on my own then
Right up out of the blue
Bumped into you
I was so amused
By your smile boo
Wanting you to call my phone
So me you can talk just a little more
I didn’t know what to do I was feelin’ you
Hopin’ you would be cool of hangin’ out too

I don’t know what happened
Got people steady asking
How you go to sleep mad one day
The next wake up so happy?
Love works like magic
And it’s so true my mind can’t grasp it
I’m just glad that I’ve got you in my life

25 Reasons

1… your smile, don’t have to say no more
2… your guidance and all the things you show me
3… the way you look at me when you say “I love you”
4… your headstrong personality
5… your take-charge capability
6… I love the way you cook for me
Beef roast, white rice with gravy

I’ll give you 25 reasons why I’m really in love with you
I can give you 25 reasons why I’m never leaving you

Parking Lot

I need to see you now can you get out, my man is at the house soMeet me at the McDonald’s parking lotFor it get to late I cant wait it’s just around my way soMeet me at the McDonald’s parking lotJust over the hill at the light take a right hang a left on Harris driveMeet me at the McDonald’s parking lot (Yeah)So what you waiting for hit the door put the pedal to the floorMeet me at the McDonald’s parking lot

R. Kelly feat. Nivea Touchin’

Touching you, touching me, satisfying your every need
You won’t have to work for nothing after I give you this loving
 Touching you, touching me, sexual chemistry
Girl seems like your body’s ready and I know you wont regret it
Turn the lights down low ready to let my juices flow
Baby double lock the door, let’s start right here on this floor
Sounds like the perfect plan, we’re seconds away from loveland
All you gotta do is take my hand, now tell me baby who’s your man

Rasheeda feat. Nivea- Say Something remix

Wish I could pull you out the game, cause it’s the thing that made you change,
It ain’t the money honey, lend me some money honey,
Thought I was your heart before your black card,
You told the world about me but you forgot about me,
Is it somethin you forgot cause I’m makin it my adamas watch
And it’s beatin like my heart goin tic toc, tic toc
Baby look what u done done got me singin this song


Soap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, Fabric Softener, Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty Drawers

I’m Headed To The Laundromat
And Let’s Not Forget The Food Stains, Dirt Spots, Head Sets, Chips, Pop, Pay Phones, Clean House
I’m Headed To The Laundromat

What was your favorite Nivea Song?

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