Bitter or Truth: Team USA Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells Say Lolo Jones’ Virginity Got Unnecessary Attention

Prior to Lolo Jones taking her first step on to the Olympic track, much spectacle has been made over her 30 year long virginity. Her team mates, Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells,  however feel that their stories were just as important and that the media overshadowed them to talk about the lack of activity between Lolo’s legs, making her an obvious media favorite. Do they have a point or are they just bitter? I spotted this over at Jock and Stiletto Jill‘s. 


Beadle: You thought you weren’t getting enough respect … Why is that?

Harper: I feel I had a pretty good story — knee surgery two months before Olympic trials in 2008, to make the team but 0.007, not have a contract … working three jobs, living in a frat house, trying to make it work. Coming off running in someone else’s shoes getting the gold medal. Ehhh, I’d say I was pretty interesting. I just felt as if I worked really hard to represent my country in the best way possible, and to come way with the gold medal, and to honestly seem as if, because their favorite [CLOSE UP ON LOLO JONES FROM TUESDAY NIGHT] didn’t win all of sudden it’s just like, ‘Were going to push your story aside, and still gonna push this one.’ That hurt. It did. It hurt my feelings. But I feel as if I showed I can deal with the pressure, I came back, and I think you kinda got to respect it a little bit now.

Beadle [to Harper and Kellie Wells]: You guys kinda hang out together … Is there fighting amongst the team — we’re talking about Lolo Jones if you can’t figure this out — is there an awkward situation or now that it’s over we’ve all just moved on?

Wells: Well, I think that, on the podium tonight, the three girls that earned their spot and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they needed to do, prevailed. And that’s all that really needs to be said.

Beadle: Wow.

Harper: BOOM! Just like that.

Beadle: You can cut the tension in here with a knife.

I will say this, I do believe that Lolo’s virginity has gained more hype than she has talent. She barely qualified and has yet to medal. There definitely is a point there. Lolo Jones has just yet to show and prove. Had she not been a virgin, we wouldn’t be talking about her. HOWEVER, now is definitely not the time to throw your team mate under the bus. The world already expects black women to be messy and catty, now is just not the time. No other team is downing their team mate. The men aren’t downing their team mates. Granted, your story may be important, but it may not be a “story”. A 30 year old attractive virgin (that may be a lesbian) is going to get more publicity than your tragedy to triumph. Such is the world we live in. Take your Silver and Bronze like winners and keep it cute ladies.



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