Black People Come Together After White People Leave Bad Reviews And One-Star Ratings For Black-Owned Restaurant Slutty Vegan

Black residents are coming together in support of the Black-owned restaurant Slutty Vegan after white supremacists, and white residents left bad reviews.

It looks like we have another Honey Pot case where white residents and white supremacists are rating a Black-owned business poorly based on false claims that the restaurant is refusing to feed police officers in response to # GeorgeFloyd’s murder. Back on March 31, the Atlanta-based restaurant, and its owner’s Pinky Cole Foundation, teamed up to feed all essential workers in the city amid the #coronavirus pandemic.

“We are appreciative of our local health care providers and know that they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and families during COVID19 response,” said Slutty Vegan owner and operator #PinkyCole. Included in that meal delivery donation were healthcare workers, firefighters, and police officers. The foundation went on to provide meals for the two leading medical centers in Atlanta, as well as every firefighter in the city. However, no date had been confirmed for police officers to receive their meals.

On May 25, the world was sent into turmoil following the murder of Floyd, and tensions between police officers and communities rose to remarkable heights. Since then, millions have called out the history of racism, white supremacy, and police brutality that has been inflicted upon the Black community for decades. Standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and its Black customers, Slutty Vegan released a statement via Instagram on June 1, saying that it would be temporarily holding off on its food delivery to the Atlanta police force. “Here at Slutty Vegan, we stand firm with those fighting against social injustices. For that reason, we will not be serving police officers at this time. Sluts, please stay safe and keep working to strengthen our communities, locally and globally,” read a statement that was posted on Slutty Vegan’s Facebook page, which mentioned its COVID-19 efforts for essential workers. Police were still welcomed to purchase their own meals and were never turned away.

Fast-forward to today, June 25, Slutty Vegan’s Google Reviews have become flooded with false and negative reviews along with one-star ratings from white customers, claiming they had a poor experience at the establishment. Some of the comments state the business has terrible customer service, the environment is unclean and even insulted its waitresses despite the fact that the restaurant doesn’t have a wait staff. Some even blatantly said they are rating the restaurant with one star because they believe the business is not supporting police officers. “Will not eat at this establishment, they are not okay with feeding law enforcement, so I’m not okay with giving them my money,” one review read. In addition, white people have been calling the business’s customer service line harassing its employees.

It didn’t take long for #BlackTwitter and Black people to catch on to what was happening, who then called for people to leave positive reviews for the company. “White people are rating an Atlanta restaurant #SluttyVeganATL low ratings because they are against police brutality. Please go and rate them five stars,” wrote a Twitter user.

The false ratings seem to have started up after a woman reposted Slutty Vegan’s statements in a Facebook group called Georgia Backs the Blue. “So now Police Officers can’t eat at Slutty Vegan! Wow…. All Police aren’t bad! No problem….and everybody says to support black businesses….Smh!” wrote Facebook user #TamikaPrichett. Cole has been a powerhouse behind promoting and supporting the Black community. She recently donated an estimated $600,000 to cover the college tuition, meals, and room and board of police-slain Rayshard Brooks’ four children. The restaurant has been backed and shown love by numerous celebs including #Usher, #Offset, #SnoopDogg, and more.

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