Black Twitter Calls Out White “Twerk” Instructor After She Attacks City Girls And Cardi B’s “Twerk” Music Video: “Where Are The White Girls In The Video?”

Black Twitter users are calling out a white woman after she attacked the City Girls and Cardi B’s new music video “Twerk” for its lack of white girls.

City Girls (Young Miami and JT), and Cardi dropped their highly anticipated music video to “TwerK” on Wednesday (Jan. 17). The video featured dozens of women from every ethnicity, who were competing in a twerk contest to win $25,000. The footage captures various women showing off their moves and partying with the female emcees.

The video received praise and love via social media, and many highlighted how this was the most Black women they’d seen in a music video in some time. While many loved it there were still those few who shared their critiques. Some of those critiques came from Lexy Panterra – a white woman who teaches a twerk fitness classes. Panterra took to Twitter to complain about the music video’s alleged lack of white girls, tweeting, “One question…where are the white girls in the video @ IAmCardiB twerk video at?”

Panterra quickly deleted her tweet and then rephrased her question, substituting “white girls” with “other ethnicities.” She later deleted that comment as well. She then came back and wrote, “I just think there should have been some other ethnicity’s in the city girls twerk video …. cause why not?” Lexy asked. It didn’t take long for Twitter to clap back at her ignorant comment.

One Tweeter responded saying “Friendly reminder this what Lexy original tweet said. Don’t delete ur tweet turn it around and make it about ETHNICITIES. It was TONS of ethnicities in the twerk video. If u meant white girls say white girls. This wasn’t even a race thing it was a contest. Y’all ruin everything.” From one comment to the next, users began dragging Panterra for her dear, privileged life calling her an “unseasoned” twerker and tagging her in her own less than satisfactory “twerk” videos.

Panterra has since posted 2014 and 2019 comparison photos – one of an article about her twerk classes and the other of the #Bossip article that reported the backlash she faced from Twitter. She then posted one last tweet saying, “What I feel at this moment is…I came with a NON racist opinion. And then I got attacked with a bunch of racist comments so that shows you who the racists are goodnight.” In response, one user wrote, @ Lexy Panterra don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of yours but it wasn’t ur place to say anything.”


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