Blake Shelton Compares Prince’s Death to Terrorist Attack – blogged by: @Paige_Kendra_

Blake Shelton, country singer and co-host of popular television show, ‘The Voice,’ shocked millions via Twitter when he tweeted his thoughts and tribute to #Prince.

Though Prince’s death was a huge blow to many across the world. Some feel that comparing it to a terrorist attack was insensitive.  So you be the judge… was this tweet insensitive or completely taken out of context?

Blake’s tweet read…

“Clearly Even though I’m a country artist, he had an impact on me as far as personality and trying to be as cool as him and failing miserably. But, you know, it’s just a blow to earth losing that guy. That’s the only way I know to put it. It feels like there’s been some sort of horrible terrorist attack, or something like that, that’s how it feels losing that guy. It just doesn’t seem right, especially being so young.”

He obviously meant no harm, but should Blake Shelton have chosen his words more wisely?

He has since deleted the tweet, replacing it with: “Dang it… Truly hate hearing we lost Prince. Sad day..” He later took to Twitter once again to explain. “I swear I can’t believe the things get get so blown out of proportion these days.. Get a life and show some respect.”

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