BA’s Blerd Alert: Black Twitter Takes Game Of Thrones’ “The Bells”

Is she really the mad queen or a woman scorned? Daenerys Targaryen lit up King’s Landing like it was the last of the days. Like Missandei said, “Dracarys!” Greyworm was riding at least.

This week, “Game Of Thrones” fans watched season 8, episode 5, titled “The Bells.” The episode was rightfully named, as Dany seemed to not hear any bells at all before unleashing her wrath onto King’s Landing. However, before all of that, Dany had Varys knocked off by having Drogon burn him to death for using #TyrionLannister in a plot against her. Also, what a sweet moment between Tyrion and Jaime, but where did your logic go, Ty? You know you just sealed your fate if Dany finds out you’re trying to free Jaime.

Fans also felt the GOT writers may have fallen off with their writing because how did Euron Greyjoy stab Jaime Lannister one million times and he still lived to see Cersei – who by the way died in the most underwhelming way. We waited eight seasons so homegirl could get pummeled by rocks? However, It was great to see old man Qyburn take a quick exit to hell at the hands of The Mountain though.

 Speaking of the Mountain, did it really have to take #SandorClegane, a.k.a, The Hound, pushing him off a ledge into a fiery pit just to kill him? Thankfully, the Hound risked his life so Arya wouldn’t have to. Where’s Jon Snow? Still trying to figure out why Dany went crazy. 

Meanwhile, Arya has taken off on a white horse, riding into next week’s episode.

What were your thoughts? Did Dany go too far? Should Tyrion have spread Dany’s secret around? Should Dany have killed Varys? Who will be killed next episode and by who?


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