Blind Item: R&B Artist & Hollywood Playboy Fights To Keep It In The Closet

Spotted this gem over at Diary Of A Hollywood Street King and although it was easy for me to figure out, let’s see if you guys can guess:


“To many of his fans, he’s a Hollywood playboy. That’s a reputation he may have earned as a result of his VH1 reality show, in which a string of girls competed to win his love. His feature appearance, having sex with a now millionaire reality star, on an infamous sex tape could have also contributed to his Casanova-image. There’s just one problem. This singer/actor may not have had the right gender racing for him on camera. Know why? Because off camera, our mystery man really prefers male-bonding with his boys.


The real deal behind all of his on-camera romances with females may be nothing more than a publicity stunt. That’s because the person with whom this grown-ass man spends most of his leisure time with, is another man – A man known as Young Buck (such a fitting title, LOL).


Rewind back to the early 90’s. That’s when our mystery man was accompanied by Young Buck and another man named Danny Boy, as the trio took a trip over to L.A.’s Death Row Records headquarters. During their time at Suge Knight’s then empire, the boys took in some pornographic movies. Insiders say the trio became so turned on by the smut flicks, leading them to begin making out and giving fellatio to one another.


Word of the trio being gay eventually began to spread, forcing our blind item to check Young Buck through a telephone call. “Man you can’t be talking that shit,” our mystery man pleaded to Young Buck, as others secretly listened in on the call. “If Brandy and my mother find out about this, I’ll be in serious trouble!” It’s no wonder why our blind item still remains loyal to Young Buck, to this very day.


Can you guess who I’m talking about?”


Head over to HSK to read more!

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