Blueface Accused of Assaulting Club Bouncer After Being Denied Entry for Not Having ID

In a disturbing video that has recently surfaced, rapper Blueface and members of his entourage are seen assaulting a club bouncer.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred on Sunday night at Skinny’s Lounge in the San Fernando Valley. The men allegedly jumped the bouncer for not allowing the rapper inside without ID.

The obtained footage shows the altercation starting at the entryway of the club. In the video, you can see one of Blueface’s crew members throwing the first punch, then Blueface and 2 others men following up with more kicks and punches.

A woman from the group appears to have been recording the attack on her phone before Blueface is seen stomping out the bouncer. Shortly after, another man is seen attempting to lift the victim up by his feet.

Blueface was the last person seen on video; he was recorded tapping the bouncer to make sure he was conscious before leaving the club.


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