Boosie Responds with Homophobic Slurs, After Lil Nas X Lies And Said They Have A Song Together

Things are getting pretty heated between Lil Nas X and Boosie! The Louisiana rapper responded to Lil Nas X’s claims of the two coming together to work on a song. Earlier today, Lil Nas went live and mentioned that he was working on music with Boosie. But in typically Lil Nas fashion, many people suspected that he was trolling.

However, Boosie quickly shut down that statement. The rapper took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter. Of course, he wasn’t feeling Lil Nas X’s claims, and he made them known. In the tweet, Boosie tells Lil Nas to “stop trolling me.” He then uses homophobic slurs and then tells the pop singer to end his life because “nobody wants u here.”

After Boosie tweeted, 30 minutes later, he retweeted the same tweet.

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