Two Bronx Women Charged After Allegedly Starting Fight With Man on Plane Who Asked Them to Stop Using Racial Slurs

Two Bronx women have been charged with assault after they allegedly started a fight over racial slurs.

According to AZ Family and CBS5 News, a flight had to be diverted to land in Phoenix after an altercation popped off midair. The incident reportedly happened on Feb 24 on a plane trip from Dallas to Los Angeles. Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune says the women got upset after another passenger asked them not to use racial slurs. One of the alleged attackers Kelly Pichardo, 31, allegedly spit at the man. The man responded by pulling out his camera and recording the women.

That’s when the other alleged attacker Leeza Rodriguez, 30, allegedly hit the man’s phone to try to stop him from recording. The incident led to the plane having to land at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

On top of attacking the passenger, the Phoenix Police Department said the women also verbally and physically assaulted other passengers and crew members of the plane.

During a virtual hearing on Wednesday, the women were charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew member. Both women are looking at a max penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, AZ Family reports.


Kelly Pichardo and Leeza Rodriguez
Kelly Pichardo and Leeza Rodriguez

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