Buffie The Body – How She Stayed In The Game?


Her myspace words:

What’s up folks?? Yes, it’s me Buffie the Body (The people’s choice!) It’s been three magnificent years for your girl! Three years of being the infamous BUFFIE THE BODY!!! Yeah, Yeah, I know my haters are probably scratching their heads wondering, “HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS BITCH STILL AROUND!” Well, Well, Well, let me tell you this “THE GAME CHOSE ME”, so to all of you hatin’ ass females (you know who you are) and you pink, ruffled panties wearing “punk ass” niggas…”stop holding your nuts on me” I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!

It’s been an unbelievable 3 years for me. I landed an ad campaign with Azzure Denim and Coors Beer. I signed a deal with Zingy, Qmobile,and Internet Q to distribute my wallpapers,ringtones and mobile video content. I released my very first DVD “Larger Than Life” and my new DVD is about to hit the stores in February 2008! I produced my 2006,2007 and 2008 calendars. I locked down some major magazine covers like KING, BlackMen,BlackMen SSX,and finally shot with SMOOTH magazine (long time coming)! Not to mention all the parties and events I hosted (over 400 in the U.S. and Canada). Also, may I add columnist for Blackmen magazine. Last but not least, I bought my first home and I’m loving it!

The Azzure campaign was definitely a step up in my career. The focus was on me as a “brand” and not my body. That was actually the first shoot I’ve done in this industry with my clothes “on” and it made me feel like I’m going in the right direction.”I CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT MY FANS!”

I’ve been featured in over 24 national magazines and on the cover of 10. Thank you to all the magazines that know what’s HOT! I know my fans have been behind me from day one and I wouldn’t be shit without them. The people who work for the magazines, radio stations and clubs all have their ear to the streets. They know who the people want to hear…who the people want to see..who the people want to read about….THEY KNOW! My fans made me the household name that I am today. If I never appear in another magazine, never host another party, or never be seen on a television screen again, I have nothing to complain about at all. I’ve made my mark in this industry and I’ve made my money….shhhhhit what more can I ask for? God,happniess,Health,a loving family,fame, money,cars,house,supportive friends….It’s the AMERICAN DREAM…and I’m living it. Trust me when I tell you I’m investing my money wisely. I’ve never been an expensive female meaning $1500 on a purse or $400 for a pair of jeans or $700 for a pair of shoes…I just can’t spend my money like that…(my ass is too big for those expensive jeans anyway..LOL)! When I have the urge for some expensive shopping then I let someone else pick up the tab….LOL! My looks have gotten me far in this industry and I can’t deny that, but it’s going to take a little more now to achieve the status that I’m reaching for. You’ve seen THE BODY now let me take you on a journey into THE MIND. I can either be stupid (like society perceives video girls to be) or I can continue to transcend into a successful business woman. That’s why I’ve been dubbed the PEOPLE’S CHOICE. So to my haters DON’T HATE ME, HATE THE WORLD because the people are the reason why I’m here and still that #1 BITCH. Hate it or Love it…..this shit belongs to ME!

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