Bum Deal: How To Rid Yo’ Ass of Acne

71058614.jpgY’know, lipstick and hair talk is all fine and dandy, but sometimes we’ve got to talk about less-fancy beauty concerns such as nail fungus and warts. And ass-ne — yes, pimples on your bum — is one of those. Nobody wants to admit it, but most of us have had a butt blemish in our lives.

Depending on which kind of ass-ne you have, you’ll want to tackle it in a variety of ways. To see how to get back to that smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom stage, read more.

Like blemishes on your face, bum zits are caused by blocked pores or clogged follicles. There are a few things you can do to treat these pimples:

Exfoliate: A buffed bum is a happy bum. Simply giving your bottom a scrub with a washcloth will send you on your way, and a body scrub will help slough away dead skin cells. This won’t get rid of existing bumps, but it should help prevent them in the future.
Treat: Use a shower gel with salicylic acid, which keeps pimples from starting. Or if you don’t mind a little mess, whip up the aspirin mask recipe for just a few pennies. If you have recurrent acne, consider a post-shower spray such as Murad Clarifying Body Spray ($36), which delivers salicylic acid in a simple spritz. Of course, you can also use benzoyl peroxide cream as a spot treatment.
Change your underpants: The above methods will help if you’re dealing with pustules or red marks. But — not to get too nasty — if your blemishes are closer to your coin slot, you may need to slip into different drawers. Nylon underpants and too-tight thongs can trap perspiration, and while that shouldn’t cause typical pimples, it can lead to irritation including small bumps. So get out of the polyester thong already.

Try these tips and it won’t be long until you have a clear rear. Got any more anti-ass-ne ideas? Share them in a comment!

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