Campaign Zero Launches #8CANTWAIT—A New Initiative Addressing Police Force Policies

The protests following the Murder of George Floyd have sparked nationwide unrest and calls for justice. Justice not only for George Floyd, but Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more black men and women who have died as a result of police violence. Over the last week, since the protests started, the nation has seen unprecedented levels of police brutality against the masses, made up of mostly peaceful protesters who pose no threat.

Campaign Zero is an organization committed to creating a world “where the police don’t kill people. By limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.” They announced their new initiative #8CANTWAIT Thursday.

The initiative discusses eight different “use of force policies” that data shows, decrease police violence by up to 72%. The policies include ban chokeholds and strongholds, require de-escalation, require warnings before shooting, require to exhaust all alternatives before shooting, duty to intervene, ban shooting at moving vehicles, require the use of force continuum and require comprehensive reporting. The policies would be used to “govern how and when officers are allowed to use force against civilians.”

According to the organization’s website, the police departments that have adopted these policies kill significantly fewer people. The problem? Very few departments have adopted them. They are now calling on the public to use their voice and contact their mayor and/or sheriff and demand that these policies be enacted immediately.

The website also has a plethora of information and statistics about police violence, including a 13-page analysis of the use of force by police departments in this county. The analysis explains that the police killed over 600 people in America in the first seven months of 2016. They were enabled and protected by laws and policies that allow them to use force, both deadly and otherwise, with little to no accountability. It also states that police violence is distributed disproportionally, with black people being 3x as likely to be killed as their white counterparts.

The website allows visitors to plug in their city and see if and how many of the 8 policies have been implemented by their city police department. It also lists the name and contact for the mayor of that city, along with a script to use when calling to demand they take action. Visit for more info.

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